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  • Yorkies & Chihuahuas: Toy & tiny!

    Yorkies & Chihuahuas: Toy & tiny!

    I have 20 + years of breeding excellence in the Yorkie  and  Chihuahua breeds-  Please visit the respective pages for more pictures & information on availability     This picture represents the loving camaraderie that our dogs have.  Shown is Truffles, her daughter Viva, PJ, Mya (my 15 year old MinPin), and Avanti (Boo Boo to the grandchildren!) Viva…

  • Chihuahua: long & smooth coats for sale

    If you are looking for a fabulous, sweet-natured, beautiful/handsome Chihuahua puppy…. you have come to the right place! Chihuahuas- See our puppies!                                                      

  • AKC Certified Breeder-Yorkies/Chihuahua

    AKC Certified Breeder-Yorkies/Chihuahua

     We have been an active AKC breeder for 30+ years!       Working at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, as well as with many Veterinarians in private practice, has complemented my Bachelors degree in Biological Sciences/(veterinary emphasis).  I have been able to experience many, many breeds and have a working knowledge of…

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