Puppy Purchase and Adoption Contract

When adopting one of our Toy breed puppies, you agree to our contract terms, shown below, which protect you and also the best interests of the puppy.   


Contract/Guarantee for Toy Breed puppies:

Seller guarantees puppy for 10 days (from the day you receive it) against death due to a bacterial or viral disease that it may have contracted before or during delivery. If the puppy should die during that time, a comparable replacement (from that litter or the next available litter) will be given following a letter from a licensed veterinarian stating: 1) the date the puppy was seen, 2) the diagnosis, 3) the test and/or laboratory results, 4) the time and cause of death.  Stress-related symptoms (coccidiosis, hypoglycemia, cough, respiratory ailments, etc) are not covered. Veterinary visits and/or medications are at the expense of the buyer. Seller likewise guarantees against congenital defects and inherited disorders of a life-threatening nature.  This guarantee extends from birth to 12 months of age, should the puppy develop a condition that is known to be inherited, develops during the first 12 months of the animal’s life, and that would significantly alter the lifespan. Veterinarian documentation, as described above, must be presented and Seller has the right to have Seller’s Veterinarian, or an un-biased second Veterinarian, diagnose the puppy.  In any case, for reimbursement or replacement (this choice is seller’s option), the puppy must be returned to Seller if so requested. All registrations and rights of ownership are then transferred to Seller.  Buyer agrees to pay all shipping and related costs for returning the puppy and receiving the new one, or any related costs due, prior to monetary reimbursement. Puppy is being sold as a companion pet only, with agreement to be spayed/neutered at the appropriate age (generally 7-12 months of age). This is in the best interest of the puppy/dog.  Breeder has the right to provide registration papers at time of sale (Limited Registration), or hold until proof of spay/neuter is given.
Special consideration must be taken when this toy breed puppy arrives at its new home.  Immediate attention to feeding, watering and supplementation upon arrival is critical. Buyer must be totally aware of the puppy’s food and water intake, especially the first weeks after arrival. Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, is due to inadequate nutrient intake. Because of this, hypoglycemia is not covered.
Buyer must purchase and feed this puppy a premium puppy food and the appropriate dose of NuVet Plus canine vitamins for a minimum of twelve months from date of puppy’s arrival. Proof of purchase is required or this contract, in its entirety, is null and void. Buyer must have puppy thoroughly examined by a licensed Veterinarian within 5 days of taking possession, or all guarantees are null and void.
This guarantee is non-transferrable and is by and between the breeder and the customer who has initially purchased this puppy.
This contract constitutes the full agreement between buyer and seller.  It shall be governed and construed in accordance with the law of the State of Missouri and any legal action must be brought in  the county of Howell, state of Missouri.

Results of this exam must be post-mailed, emailed or phoned in to Sharlette Tidwell.

Contracts for other adoptions or special-case situations will be discussed as per each individual case.