Testimonials are in the process of being added. In the meantime, here are just a few of the wonderful responses from new puppy families:

I want to thank God and the Tidwell Farm family, for such a huge blessing we received from them with our new member of the family, she’s so adorable and loving baby…


We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our baby Shorkie, Marvel. He is such a great dog. Boy, what a personality he has. He is absolutely great with our kids.


I received a puppy from you named Kay who was a Shih Tzu and wanted to let you know that she has been an absolutely delightful little dog who instantly warmed my heart and has been a faithful and playful companion these past two years So, I wanted to send a big thank you for your help in getting her connected with me. She has been a gift and has been a well-loved puppy!


This dog has the biggest sense of humor and keeps up laughing. He puts both paws on my husbands face to give him a kiss at night. Oh…and night time is a hoot. I have a small quilt that I have wrapped him in every night since we’ve had him. I then rock him or rub his head, he gives us kisses and goes night-night in his cage with a light blanket over it. When I put him in the quilt…he doesn’t even move. He just lays on his back and lets me bundle him. I’m glad it all worked out to where I got him. He is with the right family. Thank you for my Bailey!!


I was so happy to buy from you when I saw how well you took care of your puppies and their parents! You’re doing great and my little guy is doing great too, he’s such a sweetie! Thank you! Candra


The Amazing Daisy!!! First and for most we want to thank the Tidwell family for allowing us to bring this adorable, adventurous, and joyful baby into our life!!! Daisy has gotten along with all our other pets. The Tidwell family was easy to work with and great with their information and overall are breeding to a very high standard this shows in Daisy. Sharlette was very helpful and got back to us right away and provided us with everything we needed for our new edition. Any questions or concerns I had and brought to her attention she took care of and responded in a timely manner… I would highly recommend adopting your puppy from the Tidwell family. In the future I do see myself most likely adopting another puppy!! Thank you for the amazing experience Sharlette and John!!!!!! RANI


Sharlette is the best!!!! We just got our puppy, Titus, yesterday!!!! Shar was so pleasant to work with and I couldn’t be happier w our pup!!! Sharlette provided so much information, was sweet as can be, and made the whole experience comfortable! We were a little hesitant considering Titus was coming from Missouri and we live in New Jersey, but Shar reassured us that it would all work out just fine and she was right. Titus is a beautiful yorkie with so much character and has showed me so much love already! I would recommend Shar to anyone! I already spoke to a few people that are looking for puppies and let them know Shar is the way to go!! She is awesome!! Thank you Shar for everything!!! AILEEN


Great Start Recently purchased a super little boy Yorkie from Tidwells. Bentley is exactly as described and better. I can recommend them as quality,knowledgeable,ethical people in how they raised Bentley and in how they interacted with me. Cannot thank them enough. Shar is a real star of the human variety.😇 KATHERINE


Hi Sharlette,

Promised you pics of Odie and Milo.

They are doing well. Milo got his first visit

to my vet yesterday. And his booster shot

they said he was an excellent looking puppy.

Of course I told them where I got him and anyone

else who would listen to me. 🙂 

 Christene got one Chihuahua boy from me, and came back for another!


Hey sharlette, “Sassie Sadie”


I had names dancing in my head for days….just about lost my mind.

letting you know the name and letting you know my little bundle of joy is doing great.

she entertains me all day. i gave her the nickname of “fur blur”. bouncing all over the place.

thanks so much!




Well Sharlette, it’s been just 2 years and almost 2 months since our beautiful baby girl Melina was born back in 2019 and we came and invited her into our family and hearts. It was a long drive for me as I am disabled and really doing much worse now due to injuries but it was so worth the trip and the pain of the long drive. It was so wonderful meeting you and your husband along with your sweet little dogs. The ride home was hard but I had my new little girl Melina all snuggled up on my shoulder most of the way home and she continues to be at my side or on my shoulder or belly flaked out or playing. I have had some serious health issues and surgeries and was comforted by my little Chihuahua Melina. God truly blessed us with her and guided my wife and I both to her not knowing the other was or had been looking at her on your website. I called my wife and said I think I found our new little girl and described her and before I could finish my wife Sandy said “is she on the Tidwell’s website”? It was then we knew that God had guided us to you all and her. I want to stay in touch with you all and update you on our lives since we claim you as part of the family now and you gave us the blessing of my little companion at a fair price and along with much advice on care and such things even though I have had Chihuahua’s most of my life since I was 6 years old and you as such a big help even for a long time owner.I pray we see each other again someday and will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers always.



It warms my heartHi Sharlette, We have had such a great week. Little Chloe is such a joy. She keeps me busy. She absolutely loves the back yard and wears herself out exploring. It did not take her long to get comfortable with her new environment. She went to the vet Friday and weighed 2.6 ounces. The vet fell in love with her. I can already tell she has grown. All my friends said she is adorable. Hope you and John are well and thank you again for such a special little gift. I will keep in touch. Ruthie to look back at all these wonderful families and folks that have brought one of my precious little ones into their heart and home!


Hope all is well on the farm! Harper (now Brooks) had a wonderful weekend! He really loves the other dogs, and they’re learning to love him and be patient. He really is just so sweet and easygoing. I could not be happier!Thank you so much! Mary (TN)

Hello Sharlette

 it’s been almost a year since Sebastian (AKA Colt) has been with us. He has been huge part of our lives and my daughters absolutely love him. he is a happy boy with many toys and lots of love given to him. Thank you for helping us bring this joy into our lives many blessings to you and your family



The Velez family from South Jersey



Owners of BUDDY BOY WINERY drove from PA to pick up Maggy Mae!
These folks added a brother & sister (Taffy’s) to their family! Beau & Molly