AKC Certified Breeder-Yorkies/Chihuahua

 We have been an active AKC breeder for 30+ years!

    American Kennel Club Certificate

  Working at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, as well as with many Veterinarians in private practice, has complemented my Bachelors degree in Biological Sciences/(veterinary emphasis).  I have been able to experience many, many breeds and have a working knowledge of conformation, gait, soundness, temperament & individual abilities.  This has developed with breeding experience and years devoted to animals;  I give an honest evaluation of each puppy that I offer. 

I am also USDA and State Licensed and have my adult Parents examined by a Veterinarian annually.  My dogs are well-cared for and live in heated and air-conditioned homes built especially for their needs. 

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